HQP  1.9.6
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*cg_sfun.hNative S-function code generation include file for Hqp
o*Hqp.hDeclaration of external API for HQP (Huge Quadratic Programming)
o*Hqp_Docp.hBase class for formulating Discrete-time Optimal Control Programs
o*Hqp_DocpStub.hClient stub for Hqp_Docp interface
o*Hqp_DocpWrapper.hImplement an Hqp_Docp and connect it to Hqp_DocpSpec
o*Hqp_impl.hInternal declarations for HQP (Huge Quadratic Programming)
o*Hqp_IpPardiso.hSolve the Jacobian matrix of Interior Point algorithms using the Parallel direct solver Pardiso
o*Hqp_LPSolve.hInterface to lp_solve for the solution of linear mixed integer programs (see: http://lpsolve.sourceforge.net/5.5)
o*Hqp_MipSolver.hInterface for a solver for mixed integer problems
o*Hqp_Omuses.hMulti stage optimal control problems described by DAE's
o*Hqp_Program.hOptimization program for sparse quadratic programming
o*Hqp_SqpProgram.hInterface for a nonlinear program
o*Hxi_MEX_SFunction.hInterface to a Simulink(R) S-function given as binary MEX object
o*Hxi_mx_parse.hParse an argument string passed to a Simulink S-function and create according mxArrays
o*Hxi_sfun_types.hNative type definitions required to compile a Simulink(R) S-function with Hqp
o*Hxi_SFunction.hInterface to a Simulink(R) S-function given as binary object
o*Hxi_SimStruct.hDeclaration of Simulink(R) S-function methods supported by Hqp
o*Hxi_SimStruct_methods.hSimulink(R) S-function methods supported by Hqp
o*If.hPublic declarations of the interface library
o*If_Bool.hInterface variable for booleans
o*If_Element.hInterface element to Tcl
o*If_Int.hInterface variable for integers
o*If_IntVec.hInterface variables for integer vectors of the Meschach library
o*If_List.hList of If_ListElement's
o*If_ListElement.hElement of an If_List
o*If_Method.hBinds a pointer to a method to an interface element
o*If_Procedure.hBinds a function pointer to an interface element
o*If_Real.hInterface variable for doubles
o*If_RealMat.hInterface variables for matrices of reals (currently Mesch::MATP)
o*If_RealVec.hInterface variables for vectors of reals (currently Mesch::VECP)
o*If_StdString.hIf_Variable for standard C++ string type
o*If_Variable.hBase classes for interface variables
o*Meschach.hMeschach declarations and some extensions
o*Omu_Dependents.hDependent variables (single and vector, including Jacobians)
o*Omu_Deps.hExtensions for managing dependent variables internally
o*Omu_Integrator.hInterface for integrating continuous-time system equations
o*Omu_IntIMP.hIntegrate an ODE over a stage using the implicit midpoint rule
o*Omu_Program.hInterface for a multistage optimization problem described by algebraic and differential equations
o*Omu_Variables.hIndependent variables for Omuses problem setup
o*Omu_Vars.hExtensions for managing independent variables
o*Omu_Vec.hVector with automatic construction and destruction
o*Prg_SFunction.hBasic functionality for formulating an optimization problem for a model given as MEX S-function
o*Prg_SFunctionEst.hEstimation of initial states and parameters for a model given as MEX S-function
o*Prg_SFunctionOpt.hOptimal control problem for a model given as MEX S-function
\*simstruc.hS-function SimStruct include file for treating an S-function either as external MEX object or inlined with Hqp using the Hxi interface