HQP  1.9.6
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oNHxiHqp eXternal Interfaces
oNMeschWrappers for Meschach data structures allowing use of C++ operators
|oCVECPWrapper for Meschach VEC*
|oCIVECPWrapper for Meschach IVEC*
|oCPERMPWrapper for Meschach PERM*
|oCMATROWPWrapper for a row in Meschach MAT
|\CMATPWrapper for Meschach MAT*
oCHqp_DocpBase class for Discrete-time Optimal Control Programs
oCHqp_DocpSpecHold pointers to functions provided by an application using HQP
oCHqp_DocpStubStub for accessing DOCP (discrete-time optimal control problem) interface of Hqp
oCHqp_IpPardisoSolve the Jacobian matrix of Interior Point algorithms using the Pardiso solver
oCHqp_LPSolveInterface to lp_solve (see: http://lpsolve.sourceforge.net/5.5)
oCHqp_MipSolverBase class for a solver for mixed integer problems
oCHqp_OmusesExtend DOCP interface with treatment of continuous-time differential algebraic equations (DAE) and multiple sample periods per stage
oCHqp_ProgramOptimization program for sparse quadratic programming
oCHqp_SqpProgramBase class for formulating nonlinear programs
oCIf_BoolInterface variable of boolean type
oCIf_ElementAbstract base class for interface elements to Tcl, like variables and procedures
oCIf_GetCbRead callback for specific class type
oCIf_GetIfInterface for a read callback
oCIf_GetPtRead callback directly accessing through a pointer
oCIf_GetPt2Read callback directly accessing through a pointer of different type
oCIf_IntInterface variable of integer type
oCIf_IntVecInterface variable of integer vector type
oCIf_ListList of If_ListElement's
oCIf_ListElementElement of a twice concatenated If_List
oCIf_MethodInterface method
oCIf_ProcedureInterface procedure
oCIf_RealInterface variable of real type
oCIf_RealMatInterface variable of real matrix type
oCIf_RealVecInterface variable of real vector type
oCIf_SetCbWrite callback for specific class type
oCIf_SetIfInterface for a write callback
oCIf_SetPtWrite callback directly accessing through a pointer
oCIf_StdStringInterface variable of standard string type
oCIf_StringInterface variable of C string type
oCIf_VariableInterface variable of abstract type VarType managing callbacks for reading and writing
oCOmu_DepInternally used single dependent variable
oCOmu_DependentSingle dependent variable
oCOmu_DependentVecVector of dependent variables
oCOmu_DepVecInternally used vector of dependent variables
oCOmu_GradientVector extended with structural information for a gradient
oCOmu_IntDASPKSolve differential-algebraic equation system using DASPK
oCOmu_IntegratorInterface for a solver for differential (algebraic) equations
oCOmu_IntEulerExplicit, fixed step size integrator implementing the Euler algorithm
oCOmu_IntGRK4Integrator for (stiff) ordinary differential equations (ODEs)
oCOmu_IntIMPIntegrator for (stiff) ordinary differential equations (ODEs)
oCOmu_IntODEInterface for standard solvers for Ordinary Differential Equations (ODE) hiding details of sensitivity analysis
oCOmu_IntOdeTsSolving autonomous ordinary differential equations using Taylor series expansion
oCOmu_IntRK4Explicit, fixed step size integrator implementing a Runge Kutta algorithm of 4th order
oCOmu_IntRKsuiteSolve ordinary differential equations using RKsuite
oCOmu_IntSDIRKSingly diagonally implizit Runge Kutta method for (stiff) ordinary differential equations (ODEs)
oCOmu_JacobianMatrix extended with structural information for a Jacobian
oCOmu_OptVarVecExtend Omu_VariableVec with attributes for optimization criterion
oCOmu_ProgramInterface for a multi-stage optimization problem
oCOmu_StateVecVector of state variables, including sensitivity matrices Sx, Su and Sq that hold sensitivities wrt initial states, controls and parameters, respectively
oCOmu_SVarVecDepreciated: Internally used vector of state optimization variables holding additional structural information
oCOmu_SVecInternally used vector of state variables
oCOmu_VariableVecVector of optimization variables, including min, max and initial attributes
oCOmu_VarVecInternally used vector of optimization variables
oCOmu_VecAvoid multiple inclusion
oCPrg_SFunctionBasic functionality for formulating an optimization problem for a model given as MEX S-function
oCPrg_SFunctionEstEstimation of parameters and initial states for a model given as MEX S-function
\CPrg_SFunctionOptOptimal control problem for a model given as MEX S-function treated with multi-stage control vector parameterization